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In our online catalog you will find the latest collection of rubber stamp designs by William "Picasso" Gaglione. Well known as the founder and original owner of "Stamp Francisco" from 1982-1997, "Picasso" has been involved with rubber stamp art and manufacture for more than 20 years. The history of his artistic influence on the world of rubber stamping has been documented extensively in art shows, books, and magazine articles. He focuses world wide attention on the fine art of rubber stamping in his role as curator of the STAMP ART GALLERY from 1990-1997.

"Picasso" has also been in a prominent position of the international network of correspondence artists since the mid 60's. He is acknowledged as one of the founders and foremost artists in the mail art movement. Gaglione produced most of his correspondence art under the name "Dadaland". In all his various guises, Gaglione has never stopped sharing his DADA visions with the world.

Browse the pages of the new STAMPLAND online catalog and step into a very special part of that vision. Introduce yourself to scores of beautiful woman and fascinating men. Explore exotic scenery, fantasy landscapes, and decorate your mail with post modern postoids, or the Du Champ wheel. Help yourself to a part of rubber stamp history and begin to create your own artful masterpieces: STAMPLAND style.

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