The Futurist Sintesi
Produced and Directed by Joe De Marco and Picasso Gaglione
    The Futurist Sintesi has been produced on three seperate occasions and is a compilation of 20 seperate performances, with 15 actors and 10 technicians. The first production was in January of 1992 at The Gallery Theater, Barnsdall Art Park, Hollywood, Ca.USA

    The second production was also at the Gallery Theater, and only six weeks after the first show, the company reassembled -- by popular demand -- for an encore).

    The third production was staged on March 11, 1993 and was part of a three-day UCLA symposium titled Parole in Libertá Futuriste dedicated to Italian Futurist Literature.

    The Press Release

    The brevity of the scenes, the mis-en-scene and the theme variety have prompted such comments as, "Intellectual Vaudeville" and "MTV Sintesi". But, the primary attraction of the Futurist Sintesi is in the puissance of those brief "moments of truth", those glimpses at the tragi-comedy of ourselves, in the satirical, broad, contra style of the Italian Futurist humour. The material is well described in Peter Frank's PICK OF THE WEEK article (L.A. Weekly 21-27Feb92) in which he writes, "...Virtual Surreality avant la lettre... concise but open ended text-action art form that lends itself nicely to interpretation." Interpretation indeed. While maintaining the integrity of the script (translated by Victoria Nes Kirby), this version is ingenious in it's production and presentation values.

    Through the use of projected images, sound and lighting effects the performers are bathed in a hologram of surreality. The pieces move quickly in a composite of Cabaret and Variety Theatre styles.

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